Services Provided


We Bring Professional & Skilled Medical Care Conveniently to YOU! 

5 Star Therapy engages in a collaborative care approach, where we work together to meet your rehabilitation goals. Our primary mission is to provide you effective, efficient, and high-quality treatment. 

5-Star Therapy Provides 

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Speech Language Pathology
  4. Registered Nursing
  5. Medical Social Work

Please see below for a highlight of some of the services we offer and issues we can address.

Orthopedic: We work with many surgeons and physicians to prepare you both with pre-op and post-op recovery. Please contact us for more information on our many programs available as well as non-surgical related treatment options.

Some of the services we provide include but not limited to the following:

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy Evaluations, Assessments, Follow Up Treatments

Pre and Post Surgical Physical Threapy Treatment

Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions Involving: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee, Ankle, & Foot Problems

Exercise Instruction and Training, Mobility Tranining, Transfer Training, Stretching and range of Motion Training and Instruction

Manual Therapy Including Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilization

Kineseotaping, Rock Taping

Home Exercise Program Training

Pain reduction through various physical therapy techniques and modalities and procedures

Gait Training/Ambulation Training/Walking

Balance Training for various conditions which help to improve balance, mobility, and decrease fall risk

Lymphedema Treatment

Safety and Fall Prevention Treatment

Balance Training

Dressing, Grooming, Adaptive Equipment Assessment and Training

Cognitive and Memory Assessment and Training

Speech and Vocal Assessments and Training

Alternative communication techniques

LSVT - Big and Loud Assessment and Training


Wound Care

IV infusion

Start of Care OASIS Assessments, Follow-Up/Re-Cert/Resumption of Care OASIS

Nursing Assessments, Evaluations, Follow Up Treatments

Medical Social Work Assessments, Evaluations, Follow Up Visits